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Bill14: Bullying and Harassment - Meeting Employer Requirements

Course Overview:

Effective November 2013, British Columbia’s Workers Compensation Act has been amended to include three new policies addressing workplace bullying and harassment.  Sections 115, 116 and 117 of the Act set out the general duties of employers, workers and supervisors.  This online session provides an overview of the new legislation and the steps employers need to take in order to comply. 

Who Should Take the Course?

Employers should be educated about the new workplace bullying and harassment policies and requirements. 

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this session, the employer will be able to:
  • Define workplace bullying and harassment and provide examples of behaviours that constitute bullying and harassment as well as behaviours that do not;
  • Recognize the negative effects workplace bullying and harassment has on individuals and on the workplace itself;
  • Describe the duties of employers, supervisors and workers with respect to the new Workplace Bullying and Harassment legislation;
  • Identify the 9 specific steps employers need to complete to be in compliance with Bill 14;
  • Access online training resources including the St. John Ambulance “Workplace Bullying and Harassment – How to Recognize & Respond” online training for supervisors and workers; 
  • Access discounted online training resources including the St. John Ambulance, “ Workplace Bullying and Harassment – How to Recognize & Respond” online training for supervisors and workers.

Evaluation Process:

To complete the online training component, participants must confirm their understanding of course content by obtaining a score of 100% on a multiple choice test.  Those that do not pass the test can reread the course material and retest as many times as necessary.  Test questions are selected from a test ‘bank’ to ensure that each testing experience is unique.  Upon successful completion of the test, participants can download/print a Certificate of Completion which includes their name and the date of training.

Course Duration:

This online course is self-paced. Participants may leave the course at anytime and can resume where they left off. The duration will depend on the individual participant and their prior knowledge of the subject matter. On average, the course will take 30 minutes to complete.